Fire safety equipment

Cook With Confidence in Your Commercial Kitchen

Hire a kitchen fire suppression system installation company in Yakima, WA

Cooking requires heat - and where there's heat, there's a potential for fire. If a fire starts on the stovetop, in a deep fryer or in an oven, you'll need a kitchen fire suppression system to help you get the flames under control. You can count on ABC Fire Control to equip your restaurant with the right kitchen fire suppression system.

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Keep your kitchen staff and equipment safe

Putting out a kitchen fire safely requires more than water and a fire extinguisher. Here are some of the components that could make up your suppression system:

  • Carbon dioxide extinguishing system - removes flammable gases
  • Automatic sprinkler system - includes foam-water spray systems
  • Dry chemical extinguishing system - removes access to oxygen without damaging electrical equipment
  • Wet chemical extinguishing system - extinguishes cooking oil fires

Consult with ABC Fire Control about your commercial kitchen needs by calling 509-453-3434. We can install a top-of-the-line restaurant fire suppression system in your building in no time.