Kitchen Suppression Systems

Kitchens are extremely dangerous and happen in a matter of seconds. Be sure yours is protected in the even of a fire with an up-to-date system. We offer sales, installation, and service of kitchen suppression systems.

Professional Kitchen Hood Cleaning

This refers to the process of removing grease inside ducts, hoods, fans, and vents of exhaust systems in commercial systems. Left uncleaned, accumulated grease can be an extreme hazard!

Overhead Sprinkler Systems

Buildings are required to have an overhead sprinkler system in the case of a fire. Whether you need one for new construction or to replace an old one, ABC Fire Control does it all!

Backflow Preventors

A fire backflow prevention device is a mechanical device with check valves, air inlets, and/or relief valves installed on water piping. Its primary function is to stop the backward flow of water inside the piping system.

Safety Supplies & Fire Extinguishers

ABC Fire Control offers fire monitoring systems, emergency lights, fire hoses, first-aid supplies, fire protection clothing, safety supplies and more for your building or home.