Fire extinguisher

ABC Fire Control is the place to go for any and all types of fire extinguisters that you might need for your Yakima home or business. Having at least one is a crucial safety measure!

Fire safety equipment

Kitchen exhaust cleaning is imperative for the safety of your restaurant. It is crucial to have your ducts, hoods, fans, and vents regularly cleaned to prevent fires. To schedule a hood cleaning for your Yakima, Washington business, contact ABC Fire Control!

overhead sprinkler system

Whether you're installing sprinkler systems in a new building or need to replace the ones you have, ABC Fire Control can help. We install new system and can also repair your sprinklers if they aren't working properly!

Smoke detector

A backflow is a prevention device installed on water piping to prevent the backflow of water inside a piping system. These must go through extensive testing and evaluation to ensure they are up to your building's code.

Smoke detector

From first aid kits to hard hats, ABC fire control has all the safety equipment you will need for your home, office, restaurant or other type of facility, ensuring you're prepared for any situation!

Smoke detector

Kitchen fires happen pretty frequently. Do you have a suppression system that is working, and that will prevent extensive damage to your state-of-the-art kitchen? If not, you need to call ABC Fire Control.

Fire safety equipment

Whether you need one or one hundred, we can supply fire alarms for your office, factory, school, or building and be sure your space is up to code.

Fire extinguisher

It may not be something you think about, but every company needs janitorial supplies and we have a very large selection to choose from. Contact us for more information.

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In the United States, a structure fire is reported every 66 seconds. Is your building ready for one? In the unfortunate instance that there is a fire, you need to be sure you have the proper safety equipment to protect yourself, your family and employees, and your assets. ABC Fire Control specializes in sales and installation of commercial, residential, and industrial fire protections equipment and has been serving the Yakima area since 1982.

Our Services

  • Fire Safety Equipment: In addition to first aid supplies, we offer sales, installation, inspection, maintenance, testing, and operation of portable fire extinguishing equipment, as and sprinkler systems.
  • Kitchen Suppression Systems: These systems are extremely important in the case of a kitchen fire, and must be regularly checked to be sure they are working properly and up to code.

If you're looking for a professional and dependable company to provide safety supplies, fire equipment testing and installation, or testing to ensure your building is up to code, give ABC Fire Control a call at 509-453-3434!

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